There is no faster way to erroneously convince an interloper that you worship some interpretation of the devil is to have a pentagram anywhere ever. The pentagram – or five pointed star – is the most useful symbol in Wicca and has associations to Wiccasns as a symbol of faith, Christians as a symbol of the five wounds of Jesus, and Freemasonry. Because of its association with the magic practiced by Wiccans – often misinterpreted as being related to Satan – the symbol often has Satanic associations. This is a disservice to a peaceful earthly worship system.  

We keep an lawyer in Mobile on retainer JUST to explain the use of pentagrams when we need it explained with legalese.  

I keep a small talisman, a stone with the pentagram carved into its face, on my altar and I use it to remind me of the power inherent in Wicca and how I, human on earth, can harness it. I found the stone during a Wicca ceremony at a lake beach. I kept it in my pocket for years, rubbing my thumb on its face whenever nervous or anxious. Over years, the face wore down beneath the manipulation of my thumb – slow motion magic – into a perfect canvas for carving. I used my ceremonial blade to carve a simple five pointed star into the front – tracing over the line each night for seven minutes until the shape was unmistakable.  

The talisman now reminds me of the time and energy it takes to manipulate inevitabilities and how powerful it is to manipulate the environment using magic. It is not always the most appropriate course of action and sometimes earthly processes better serve the hoped result.  

This stone, if anything, discourages my use of magic when the simple harnessing of energy will suffice. Isn’t this the opposite of how squares interpret the pentagram?!