For many members of our coven, music is a central tenant to worship. We are so blessed to have many musicians in the coven so whether an event is best suited by piano, ukulele, lute, or harp – we have someone to provide the soundtrack. I learned piano just to be able to help out my coven and have a deeper relationship with my own sense of hearing.  

My alter is atop my upright piano so that I can worship the elements and call upon their power while I practice. I can’t be certain that there’s magic happening, but I know that I feel more focused and powerful when grounded elementally, so keeping my altar items in view helps me excel at whatever I am practicing.  

Sometimes a fellow worshipper will come over and write poetry or dance or dream while I practice the songs. We share the elemental grounding and we share the progress – by the time we attend a group worship, she’ll marvel at my piano progress, I marvel at her poem or dance, and we share in the knowledge that human work and elemental support produced these beautiful things.