Sometimes people snigger at me when they ask how I became Wicca and I respond by detailing the film The Craft. When I first saw it in 1996 (I was 11), I thought I was drawn to the high school drama, the cool high schoolers doing spells in the forest, the sexy twists on schoolgirl outfits, Nancy losing her mind, the moody goth teenageness of it all! But as I aged, I kept finding new elements in the film that spoke to me. What really resonated with me was the focus on elemental power harnessing to manipulate earthly inevitabilities. 

The film shows the dangers of practicing any worship that you do not fully understand, it demonstrates the power of friendship between women, it respects the elemental grounding of the practice, and doesn’t hide behind the practice as a phase. The film concludes with the most powerful woman in the coven demonstrating her continued power following the group’s disbanding, and not in a childish tween way. The film doesn’t suggest the practice is childish, silly, or delusional – it simply shows that some people are childish, silly and delusional.